Cage & Hutch Natural Anti-Bacterial Cleaner – 500 ml
Simple Solution

Cage & Hutch Natural Anti-Bacterial Cleaner – 500 ml

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Your small furry pet’s hutch or cage is its home, keeping it fresh and clean is a priority. Using Simple Solution Cage & Hutch cleaner leaves their home smelling fresh, clean and helps prevent the build up of lime scale. Suitable for all small animal.

  • Simple Solution Cage & Hutch spray, cleans and freshens cages and hutches easily and effectively
  • Natural and kind made using the most effective natural oils including peppermint, clove leaf and eucalyptus
  • Should be used regularly to prevents lime scale build up
  • Safe to use on all small furry animal homes as well as feeding equipment – Do not apply directly onto animals
  • This cleaning spray restores good hygiene back to your pets home for a cleaner and heathier environment